Canon DR-6080 - dokumentskanner

desktop - USB 2.0, SCSI
Tillverkare Canon
Artnr 9036A003
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    A true high-speed, desktop production scanner, DR-6080 features many of the most wanted bells and whistles, yet fits comfortably into modest budgets never before able to justify this level of performance. More than just basic scanning, Canon's DR-6080 is the reason virtually any business now can expect outstanding image quality, easy handling, and optimized throughput. Canon's DR-6080 more than meets the demanding requirements of dedicated document imaging. Canon, has found that setting new standards isn't only about raising the bar. Sometimes it's about lowering the barriers.

    You may be impressed by duplex scanning rates of up to 60 pages per minute (black and white or grayscale). Or when scanning letter-sized documents in landscape mode, the DR-6080 can achieve duplex speeds of up to 140 images per minute (ipm).

    Image quality produced by the DR-6080 is nothing if not consistent day after day, covering the full range of document management applications from OCR and forms processing to saving documents as PDF files. Capable of producing both black-and-white and grayscale images, the DR-6080 is enhanced by an optical resolution of 600 dpi.

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