Avision FB2280E - Integrerad flatbäddsskanner

desktop - USB 2.0
Tillverkare Avision
Artnr DF-1002S
  • Information
    • The slant front platform makes book scan easy as a breeze
    • High qualities scanning solution
    • Automatic multiple images cropping
    • Easy-to-use button scanning
    • Auto crop, deskew and thresholding image-enhancing features
    Avision's book edge scanners feature a unique, innovative flatbed platform, with a slanted front edge engineered to accommodate books in a way that prevents the dark, shadowy area near the spine from appearing. Curved text often seen near the center is also eliminated, since this special design allows pages to spread flat on the scanner. Never again would you need to press the book against the scanner, which distorts the scanned image and potentially damages the book. Avision makes book scanning a breeze!

    The Avision FB2280E is designed from the ground up to excel at scanning books. Packed with CCD sensors and a 600 dpi optical resolution, it can produce high quality A4 scans in 4 seconds at 200 dpi in black and white.

    Another unique feature of the FB2280E is the document cover. With this cover, you can temporarily place your documents safely on the scanner, reducing the risk of misplacing them during scanning.

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