Canon Flatbed Scanner Unit 102

Integrerad flatbäddsskanner - desktop - USB 2.0
Tillverkare Canon
Artnr 2152C003
  • Information
    • Simple USB connection to scanners
    • Low 7W power consumption, thanks to efficient CIS sensor and LEDs
    • Capable of accommodating a wide variety of document dimensions, up to A4 size
    • Excellent image quality, with CMOS CIS sensor and 600-dpi high-resolution
    • Collate multiple documents, from both ADF and flatbed scanners, into one file
    • Light and compact design occupies minimum desk space
    • Image-perfecting features include Auto Resolution, Background Smoothing and 2D Code Module compatibility
    The perfect complement for your scanning set-up, the Flatbed Scanner Unit 102 allows fragile or bound documents to be captured quickly, easily and in high quality.

  • Specifikation
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